Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Winter Bliss?

Christine Girl by Angie Blom from Unity Stamps
Angie Blom's Christine Girl from Unity Stamp Co. looks rather blissful in the snow; however, this girl (i.e., ME) is more than ready for winter to be OVER...and I don't even live in an area where winter is/was at its worst.  Still, I l-o-v-e the image (which was gifted to me by my crafty gal, Kelly) and decided to create two wintery cards with her as the focal point.

Christine Girl by Angie Blom from Unity Stamps
I am not much for coloring...strange considering I once enjoyed it...suppose it could have something to do with the limited amount of free time I have these days, and I am really not very good at it.  Also, primo coloring requires much practice and a great deal of patience, and I am much too hyper to sit or stand in one place for too long to hone any worthwhile coloring for patience, it is most definitely not one of my virtues...not even close. 

Both cards were kept fairly simple...not much fuss...although, I did get a bit crazy with the sequins and stickles...not only on the card front, but the interior too.  What can I say...I love sparkle!  I also love the interior sentiment..."Good friends are like snowflakes all different and all beautiful."  How very true! :)  With that being said, I plan on sending these two cards to some special ladies in my life...hoping to bring a bit of cheer into their cold, winter days.  Since the talented designers at Crafty Catz are hosting a "For a Special Lady" challenge theme, I think I will play along with them. :)
Christine Girl by Angie Blom from Unity Stamps
To my surprise, both cards came together rather quickly...could be the benefit of  the cold, winter weather...preventing the typical not tempting me or luring me away to the wonderful outdoors.  Oh, how I long for warm weather and SUNSHINE!!
Christine Girl by Angie Blom for Unity Stamps
Well, that is about it for me.  Thanks for popping by.  Sure hope you have a warm, wonderful evening!

Happy smiles!

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