Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Hello again!  Here is my final card for the Hop to Stop Domestic Violence, which is being hosted by the lovely and talented Becca Cruger.  Today's card is another simple creation, and the stamp is one of many fabulous stamps from the set "All About Hope" from Unity Stamps.

According to Merriam-Webster, HOPE is defined as such: to cherish a desire with anticipation.  I cannot think of a better word to share with someone who has or is enduring domestic violence.  Typically, no person chooses to be in a relationship in which he/she will be harmed physically, emotionally and/or psychologically, and most people do not envision their child/children growing up in an unsafe environment.  Most of us enter into relationships and create families out of love.  Unfortunately, once the abuse becomes present, it is extremely difficult for the victim to leave.  Oftentimes, it takes many attempts before a person chooses to escape the destructive environment of domestic violence; and sadly, for some, they lose their lives in the process.  If you know someone who is experiencing domestic violence, please don't them find HOPE in what may seem to him/her a hopeless situation.  Love, support, guidance, patience, and understanding is what he/she needs.  If you need to talk with someone, call the 24/7 National Domestic Violence Helpline at 1-800-799-7233...the call is confidential and could help save a life--yours or someone you love.

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I kept trying to capture the shimmer in the pictures.  Hopefully, you are able to see it in one of these pics.  Oh how this girl stinks at photography! ;) 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Hello!  Just wanted to share another card I created for the Hop to Stop (Domestic Violence), which is being hosted by the kind and talented Becca Cruger.  It is an extremely simple card, but I believe the sentiment says it all.  Like the card I posted earlier today, the stamp featured is from the fabulous set by Tifany DeGough for Unity Stamps and is called "All About Hope".  This is a set every card maker should have in their arsenal of creativity!  It is incredibly versatile and filled with loads of lovely inspiration to support those loved ones going through personal struggles.

This hop is very near and dear to my heart as I am a survivor of domestic violence.  Generally, I do not speak of the negative aspects of my personal life; however, I felt compelled to share that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  You can get your power back!  For me, it was a journey.  I started out a woman who wondered, "Why can't I do anything right?"..."What is wrong with me?"...I was afraid of everything because I felt there was something wrong with me...I considered myself a failure.  Today, in spite of my struggles and doubt, I am better, stronger, wiser, and much happier.  Since my growth, I have helped change legislation in my home state.  I have met with various politicians, locally and nationally, to raise awareness for this cause.  I have even been on Oprah to help shed light on this dark subject that plagues homes across our nation.  I also earned my degree.  If any  one would have told me then what I would ultimately accomplish, I never would have believed them; yet, here I am.  For me, I thank God each and every day for giving me a second chance at life, and I pray that one day domestic violence will become obsolete and no other person will have to endure pain at the hands of someone they love.

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The Hop to Stop!

As usual, I am late in my card making efforts, and this makes me incredibly sad.  It saddens me because the cards that will be featured on my blog today were created with a specific purpose in mind--to raise awareness of the damaging effects of domestic violence.  The month of October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month, and the color chosen to represent such an important month is purple.  You have probably seen a flurry of purple creations across the blogosphere to help spread the word.  Please, click on the photo below to visit Becca's blog and view all the heartfelt creations submitted by a plethora of amazing artists who support the needed awareness to a plague that infects many homes across our world.  If you feel inclined, link up your lovely purple creation.

For my card, I opted to keep it simple.  The featured stamp is one of many from the beautiful set, All About Hope, designed by Tifany DeGough for Unity Stamp Co.  I love all the butterflies!  Don't you? 

Below, you will see a list of all the generous sponsors for the Hop to Stop domestic violence.  Please, stop by their company blogs and thank them for their kindness and support.  Have a wonderful day, and many thanks for dropping by!