Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Hello again!  Here is my final card for the Hop to Stop Domestic Violence, which is being hosted by the lovely and talented Becca Cruger.  Today's card is another simple creation, and the stamp is one of many fabulous stamps from the set "All About Hope" from Unity Stamps.

According to Merriam-Webster, HOPE is defined as such: to cherish a desire with anticipation.  I cannot think of a better word to share with someone who has or is enduring domestic violence.  Typically, no person chooses to be in a relationship in which he/she will be harmed physically, emotionally and/or psychologically, and most people do not envision their child/children growing up in an unsafe environment.  Most of us enter into relationships and create families out of love.  Unfortunately, once the abuse becomes present, it is extremely difficult for the victim to leave.  Oftentimes, it takes many attempts before a person chooses to escape the destructive environment of domestic violence; and sadly, for some, they lose their lives in the process.  If you know someone who is experiencing domestic violence, please don't them find HOPE in what may seem to him/her a hopeless situation.  Love, support, guidance, patience, and understanding is what he/she needs.  If you need to talk with someone, call the 24/7 National Domestic Violence Helpline at 1-800-799-7233...the call is confidential and could help save a life--yours or someone you love.

I thank you for dropping by and visiting for a bit.  It truly does brighten my day!  

Hugs and smiles! 
Carolyn :)

I kept trying to capture the shimmer in the pictures.  Hopefully, you are able to see it in one of these pics.  Oh how this girl stinks at photography! ;) 


  1. The "hope " you wrote looks fabulous
    Dr Sonia

  2. This is beautiful... love the little section of background and the scrabble look letters are very cool...

  3. this is a wonderful card, i really like the scrabble letters and the way you laid it out is stunning

  4. Another beautiful card for the Hop to Stop! I love the doily background and the Scrabble tile sentiment of Hope. Thank you for caring about this important and very serious issue that has impacted the lives of so many of us, and for supporting the hop with your beautiful card.

  5. Fantastic card! I love your purple doily and those letter tiles! What a strog message they carry~

  6. Darn cameras being all touchy when it comes to shimmers! Can I just say that I absolutely adore your aesthetic. You are so talented! This card is the epitome of elegance!

  7. Thanks for stopping by today! I'd be honored if you chose to CASE my card!

    Your card is stunning! The water colored (?) panel is amazing and the bow is PERFECT (my bow attempts usually end up looking like something the cat dragged in from outside!

  8. This is very elegant. I love everything about it. And it definitely encourages hope. Also, thank you for leaving kind words on my blog :)